Contron - "Contron II"

50 blue tint cassettes · w/ white imprinting · TFG-022

1. i guess i'ma pretty good person sometimes when i really think that hell might exist (thought i heard you screamin' i was dancing with my demons they're the bad things that i like too much)
2. cuz girls like you don't like boys like me
3. now all i'm good at doing is drugs & feeling upset
4. i wish you were still here, i wish you weren’t still (ode to terrence in the key of pouring out ol' english)
5. themotelroomsong
6. someday i'll love someone enough to love myself
7. thank god for those ppl you’ll always love in some sad strange way, thank god for theses xanax pills they made me feel a little less insane
8. the icarus song (we all fall from grace sometimes)
9. but right now we're alive & well & life's too strange & beautiful to end
10. we'll go to the garden & laugh & pick daisies