Contron - "Contron"

20 purple cassettes · w/ printed tape labels · TFG-005

1. oh in the springtime yes it rains til it gets sunny i wish i was allowed 2 be 2 proud 2 take yr money (maybe if i cared a lil less good things would happen)
2. being ok pt. 1
3. they tell me that yr ugly
4. justwalkonby
5. make us so pretentious (the a couple clever words i wish my friends had never heard song)
6. you could be
7. missedthebus
8. i just wanna luv n be luved n not have to think of you
9. voices&peoplewhomightletyoudown(featuring t$tack$)
10. sleepingpills&keepingstill
11. quittingwhileyrahead (the politics of being a drunk mistake)
12. i'll stop getting fucked up if that means i get my life back(& i'll stop blaming you for things i did myself, & i'll stop listening to everyone who said i'm worthless) aka the how have i been such a fuckkjing idiot? song
13. billy&mandy
14. gandhivs.jesus
15. i'm content with what was i'm content with what is & not so scared of all that will be